Barbara and the Camp Dogs


Performance Dates

2 – 23 December 2017

Opening Night (invitation only):

8pm, 6 December 2017


Produced in association with Vicki Gordon Music Productions Pty Ltd.

Wild, unpredictable, and deeply vulnerable, Barbara and her sister Rena are singing for their lives. Barbara’s been trying to make it in Sydney, but when their mother’s health deteriorates, the sisters embark on a pilgrimage back home to country. Full of painful, unfinished business for Barbara, their return sends her into a downward spiral. Can Barbara find a way to resolve the past in time to preserve love in the only family she has known?

Through music that ranges from punk-inspired explosions of rage, to tender rock and soul ballads full of yearning, Barbara and the Camp Dogs is a gob-spit of fun, frenzy and family that finds beauty in honesty and hope in confronting the past.

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Warning: Strong course language and adult themes.