Barbara & The Camp Dogs (Public Reading)


April 2013

UNSW for ATSIAB Creative Development.



Barbara and the Camp Dogs, co-written with Ursula Yovich, is a ground-breaking drama with music that confronts the dilemmas faced by a young singer on the road to music industry success, most especially the betrayals and sacrifices and personality transformations that create heartbreaking choices.

Through dynamic rock music and heart-felt ballads, Barbara and the Camp Dogs showcases the sometimes vicious, often brutal, very sexy and totally exciting ride of a newly minted Aboriginal star and takes the audience on a riveting dramatic and musical journey.

An insight into what life is like for high-profile but still vulnerable women in the music industry, this work boldly rejects romantic notions of the certainty of family love and instead seeks to face the painful but galvanizing truth about the cost of success.

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