Cold Light


Performance Dates 2016:
Friday 3 March @ 7.30pm (PREVIEW)
Saturday 4 March 2017 @ 7.30pm
Sunday 5 March 2017 @ 4pm
Wednesday 8 – Saturday 11 March 2007 @ 7.30pm
Sunday 12 March 2017 @ 4pm
Wednesday 15 – Saturday 18 March 2017 @7.30pm

Ticket Prices:
Standard: $55
Concession: $49
Group 4+: $46
Student: $39
Preview: $35
Mid-week Special: $46 (March 8th/March 9th + March 15th/March 16th ONLY)



Adapted by Alana Valentine
Based on the novel Cold Light by Frank Moorhouse

How far can a woman of vision go?

Here comes Edith Campbell Berry, fresh from International acclaim at the League of Nations, handsome British diplomatic husband in tow. Look out 1950’s Canberra, she’s on her way to the top. Or is she? The League was after all a failure, and hubby dear is a secret cross dresser and her long lost brother is a Communist agitator watched by a fledgling ASIO. Maybe those dreams of renewed diplomatic honour might take longer than she thinks to materialize. A lot longer.

Cold Light is an epic story of national significance surveying the transformation of Australia from the post-WWII Menzies era to the mid-1970’s Whitlam government.

Pull on your gloves and cinch in that waist, Edith is going to whip The Street Theatre into shape.

Edith is the sort of character with whom anyone would like to have dinner. She is clever, and principled, and foolish, and vain, and decisive, and fierce, and hopeless, and interested in shoes. We love her and that’s that.

Annabel Crabb

Like Edith, Cold Light is dutiful, brooding, witty and salacious — and indefatigable. It’s Edith’s story but Australia’s too.


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