Ear to the Edge of Time


Winner of the 2012 of the International S.T.A.G.E Award.



Set in the world of radio astronomy, Ear to the Edge of Time is a drama about team work, scientific attribution, and a reluctant feminist activist.

It is based on interviews with many contemporary radio astronomers, from several international radio telescopes.

When a poet is commissioned to write about a female radio astronomer, it doesn’t go well. But then the astronomer makes an incredible discovery and the poet is party to a series of attribution incidents which he construes as sexism and writes about, much to the horror of the radio astronomer.

She is pitched into this controversy as a very reluctant activist and must play out the drama with surprising dissent among her colleagues.

Winner of the 2012 of the International S.T.A.G.E Award. This prestigious award is given to a play about science or technology and attracted over 200 entries from 19 countries. In 2012 the judges were Pulitzer Prize winning playwrights Tony Kushner, David Lindsay-Abaire and Donald Margulies, and Nobel Laureates Robert C. Richardson, Frank Wilczek and David J. Wineland.