My Beautiful Man


3 June 2023


Merrigong Theatre Company, NSW

Development Showing



On December 15, 2014 eighteen people were taken hostage in the Lindt Café in Sydney’s Martin Place. After a sixteen-hour standoff, a single gunshot was heard and police stormed the café. Tragically Tori Johnson, the heroic Lindt Café manager, lost his life that day, as did another hostage, Katrina Dawson.

Eight months earlier, a six-year-old Wollongong resident, Henry Hinchcliff, had travelled to the Lindt Café with his family and friends. Living with eosinophilic esophagitis meant Henry could only eat fifty types of food, including chocolate, but it had to be Lindt 85 percent cocoa and they didn’t make an Easter egg out of it. But in an act that his family recognized as ‘just the sort of kindness Tori would do’, the Lindt Café manager had offered to make Henry his very own, first-ever Easter egg.

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