Parramatta Girls


Tanya Goldberg

March 2007



A stellar cast.

An absolutely astonishing story.

Making for a night of unforgettable theatre.

Eight former inmates return to the notorious Parramatta Girls Detention Centre for a reunion forty years later. For some it’s a way to find healing, for others it’s a way to dispel the ghosts, for all of them it is a way to share the pain.

This vibrant, confronting and often very funny play explores the defiance, endurance and psychological legacy of being branded a home girl. Interspersed with songs, and storytelling this is a tribute to the mischief and humour in the face of hardship suffered by countless girls, forgotten Australians who were victims of this harsh juvenile detention centre.

Award-winning playwright Alana Valentine has woven together the true stories of women who were once Parramatta Girls into a masterful tribute to their courage, humour, strength and optimism. Under the direction of Tanya Goldberg, eight extraordinary actresses bring this powerful work to audiences in Parramatta as part of the anniversary that marks 40 years since the closure of the institution.