Student Body


Presented at the 2010 National Play Festival.

Produced by Boobook Theatre, Melbourne.

– 2 Males
– 2 Females


2011, 2010

Fon is a student who has come to Australia for a university education. So have Kai Chai and Aditya and Song Yi.

All of them are seeking an encounter with the freedoms and opportunities provided by a Western democracy – sexual freedom, political freedom and personal self-determination.

Student Body is an intriguing, surprising and rollicking insight into the experiences of four international students as they each encounter their own terrifying and seductive dragons – immigration officials, home-stay mothers, University counsellors and Australian lovers.

Not only is Australia a very different place than they expected, the opposition from the freedoms they seek come as much from the cultural baggage they are all carrying as it does from their current residence. What will they sacrifice to secure a skilled migration visa?

What, or who, among them can threaten that possibility? As they play a high-stakes game of chance with their futures, who will care if they stay or go?

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