The Modest Aussie Cozzie


Written 2012



Commissioned and Presented at St Ignatius’, RiveviewThe Modest Aussie Cozzie is based loosely on a biography of Aheda Zanetti who invented the Muslim swimsuit the ‘burkini swimsuit’.

The play travels with Aheda through inspiration to fledgling production and gives a poignant insight into this little understood garment.

The play interrogates the way the burkini swimsuit has become a symbolic flashpoint for the clash of religious freedom and secular democracy. When the burkini swimsuit is banned in France and Italy the play charts the torment and personal cost of misunderstanding and prejudice.

A deeply affecting work the play is essentially about the struggle for identity, and the genius of creative ingenuity.

– 1 Male- 1 Female

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Image: Aheda Zanetti sits in front of her range of modest swimwear.

Photo by Powerhouse Museum