The Prospectors


May 2001

Australian National Maritime Museum

Alana Valentine



Nominated for an AWGIE Award 2001 in the Category Young Peoples Theatre.

Commissioned by the Australian National Maritime Museum to accompany the exhibition Gold Rush: The Australian Experience. Set in 1854, the play begins aboard the Julia Ann as the ship heads from Sydney to the Victorian goldfields.

The characters are two miners, one a seasoned prospector, Stan, has come from the Californian fields to seek his fortune in Australia, the other, Frank, is an Aussie new chum fresh to the prospecting game. They forge a partnership to seek for gold but when they arrive on the goldfields, the Ballarat Reform League rebellion draws Frank into the Eureka Stockade and puts a strain on their relationship that wont be resolved till the violence is over.

A highly entertaining play about mateship and the relationship between the American and Australian goldrushes, for eight to twelve year olds.

– 30 Minutes duration

– 2 Males

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